About the Portal

This online collection includes resources to support teacher educators and educator preparation programs (EPPs) as they prepare the next generation of our nation’s teacher workforce. You can view resources by topics, types, and audiences.

Our Intent

These resources were developed primarily for Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), who educate a disproportionate number of our country’s diverse teachers. Currently, MSIs who have been engaged with BranchED have free access to these materials. However, all EPPs can benefit from these materials and we welcome the opportunity to partner with other institutions if a tool would benefit its EPP.

Accessing the Portal

Without an account you can view our Tier 1 Resources which include resources such as our webinar series, podcast interviews, and research briefs.

By signing up you get access to our Tier 2 Resources, which include practice-based learning opportunities and our tool/tool kits.

We created this repository of material to enhance teacher educator practice as well as EPPs institutional practices. All BranchED material is licensed as CC-BY-NC-ND and may be downloaded and shared with attribution for non-commercial use.

The portal is organized into three category groups:

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