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Engaging in Data Dialogues

For: Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator

An essential component of Data Empowerment is engaging stakeholders in meaningful exploration and analysis of data. This resource provides a case study to demonstrate the process for meaningful data engagement and a template of the process.

Improving Dual language/English Learners’ Math Vocabulary Development with the Application of the MALITLA Model

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher

This module reviews math (MA), literacy (LIT), and language (LA) model components for improving math vocabulary. It focuses on applying math, literacy and language strategies through children's literature. The content is applicable for elementary level English learners and bilingual.

Rubric on Inclusive Instruction Score Norming

For: Higher Education Faculty

The Inclusive Instruction Rubric Score Norming Module will allow participants to score a pre-selected set of curricula using the inclusive instruction rubric. It features real-time feedback as participants score each criterion using a vetted and normed curriculum.

Teaching and Learning Mathematics from an Ethnomathematics Perspective

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

Ethnomathematics is broadly defined as the study of the relationship between culture and mathematics. This module is designed to help participants understand the importance of the ways they can integrate ethnomathematics activities in their teaching and learning of school mathematics.

The Perfect Recipe for Actualizing Inclusivity and Equity in an ELA Classroom

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator

This module provides rich classroom examples that teachers and teacher educators can use in PK-12 settings and easily embed within their own coursework.

Equity in Education: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher

The Equity in Education module explores the characteristics of dominant cultural values within learning environments, which allows participants an opportunity to examine their own practice and classroom structures with an equity lens. Modules features mixed reality simulation among other activities.

BranchED seeks to support individual educator preparation programs (EPPs) and the field at large in reimagining and redefining “quality” preparation programs such that attention to issues of diversity and equity are explicit, embedded, and inextricably linked to high-quality performance.

The Resource Portal was created to support our community by providing resources such as instructional materials, online modules, podcasts, practice-based learning opportunities, research briefs, teaching video library, tool/toolkit, and webinars.

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