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The BranchED portal is designed to support both teacher educators and PK-12 partners in their professional development. Whether you’re seeking information on a particular topic, looking to take an online course, or to stay current with our evolving library of resources, we’ve got something for you.

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Workshop: Innovative Solutions: Using Mixed Reality Simulation in the Classroom

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator

This workshop focuses on the use of MRS to provide teacher candidates opportunities for purposeful practice addressing complex situations. The workshop consists of two sessions and includes a panel of faculty experienced using MRS in their coursework and a live MRS demonstration.

Workshop: Centering Art to Question the World Around Us

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

In this workshop, participants will learn about using art to create new understandings of the world around us and how art can enhance students’ understandings of concepts and ideas they face in school and society. Participants will create art and learn ways to incorporate art for content learning.

Preparing Inclusive Educators: Open Educational Resources E-Book

For: Higher Education Faculty

BranchED sponsored this course textbook for use alongside modules developed by our core community members. The goal of the text and corresponding modules was to increase access to education resources while also growing the creation of knowledge inclusive instruction by and for MSI communities.

Workshop: Introduction to Translanguaging in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher

This recorded workshop and accompanying slide deck unpack the theoretical understandings of translanguaging and related topics such as language acquisition and bilingual education. They also provide hands-on activities and resources for reflection and practice.

BranchED Framework for the Quality Preparation of Educators: A Diagnostic Tool Focused on Early Literacy

For: Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator

This asset-based early literacy diagnostic tool allows for Educator Preparation Providers to evaluate and reflect on their current level of literacy performance. It aligns to the BranchED Framework for Quality of Preparation of Educators and essential early literacy research, concepts, and skills.

BranchED Signature Framework: Principle Briefs

For: Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator

Each brief visits one of the design principles to ensure continued relevance to quality educator preparation and provide additional information on each based on the literature.

BranchED seeks to support individual educator preparation programs (EPPs) and the field at large in reimagining and redefining “quality” preparation programs such that attention to issues of diversity and equity are explicit, embedded, and inextricably linked to high-quality performance.

The Resource Portal was created to support our community by providing resources such as instructional materials, online modules, podcasts, practice-based learning opportunities, research briefs, teaching video library, tool/toolkit, and webinars.

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