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The BranchED portal is designed to support both teacher educators and PK-12 partners in their professional development. Whether you’re seeking information on a particular topic, looking to take an online course, or to stay current with our evolving library of resources, we’ve got something for you.

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Nuts & Bolts Webinar: Community Learning Exchange: The Alchemy of Building the Nuts and Bolts of Engagement

For: Community Based Organization, Educational Policy Maker, Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

This plática/conversation is grounded in assets-based development and will highlight the values, tools, and processes for transforming communities from within. This webinar uses a dynamic-critical pedagogy to disrupt the status quo and mobilize a sustainable, pedagogy, inquiry, and change process.

Nuts & Bolts Webinar: Looking Back, Looking Around, Looking Forward: The Ecosystem Approach to Education

For: Community Based Organization, Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

This engages a panel of three extraordinary educational leaders: Dr. Ira Murray, Mr. Jermar Rountree, and Mr. Kurt Russell who discuss history of schools, the current landscape, and the future of classrooms. They also highlight an ecosystem approach focusing on communities.

Nuts & Bolts Webinar Ready Day 1: The Intersection of Content, Pedagogy and the Learner

For: Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty

Program completion includes mastery of content related to learners, learning, subject matter, pedagogical knowledge, assessment, and engagement with families and communities. Such knowledge is dynamic, constructed and overlapping. This webinar and research brief illuminate Intersectional Content.

Nuts & Bolts Framework Series--Putting it into Practice: Using Experience and Critical Reflection for Impact

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher

In this webinar, learn how to purposefully engage candidates in direct experience of teaching (practice) and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop the capacity to contribute to diverse communities.

Nuts & Bolts Webinar on Successful Learning: A Deep Dive into Inclusive Pedagogy

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Teacher

Inclusive pedagogy minimizes or removes barriers to learning or assessment and supports the success of all learners, while ensuring that academic standards are not diminished. Such pedagogy integrates culturally and linguistically sustaining practices, social and emotional learning, and more.

Nuts & Bolts Webinar Framework Series--Ensuring Success: Providing Equitable Opportunities for All Teacher Candidates

For: Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty

Equitable experiences begin with an ethic of care and are ingrained in recruitment and selection process, advising, timely progression and completion of the program, and induction support based on candidate-specific needs. Learn how one EPP exemplifies this principle in all facets of their program.

BranchED seeks to support individual educator preparation programs (EPPs) and the field at large in reimagining and redefining “quality” preparation programs such that attention to issues of diversity and equity are explicit, embedded, and inextricably linked to high-quality performance.

The Resource Portal was created to support our community by providing resources such as instructional materials, online modules, podcasts, practice-based learning opportunities, research briefs, teaching video library, tool/toolkit, and webinars.

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