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Student Data Privacy and Data Ethics Scenarios

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher

These materials aim to help pre-service and in-service educators understand privacy risks and ethical concerns that arise in school-based situations and to provide guidance on how to mitigate risk and harm by discussing the legal obligations and best practices for protecting student data privacy.


Teacher Candidate Sense of Efficacy in Teaching Diverse Learners - Toolkit

For: Higher Education Administrator, Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator

This toolkit is intended for use by EPPs as well as Districts as a self-assessment tool for teacher candidates and an in-service teachers' sense of self-efficacy for teaching diverse learners. Results may inform program improvement efforts, candidate/in-service teacher supports and more.


Teaching Syllable Types For Decoding and Encoding: Practice Based Instruction and Assessment for Phonics

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

Explicit instruction of syllable types is a crucial component of phonics instruction. Syllable type instruction plays a critical role in teaching students to decode (read) and encode (spell) words. This toolkit provides strategies for instruction for decoding and encoding different syllable types.


Teaching Phonological and Phonemic Awareness: Practice-Based Instruction and Assessment

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

This instructional material will provide practice-based models for instruction and assessment of phonological and phonemic awareness skills. The materials will serve as a template that can be adjusted by faculty, teacher leaders, and teacher candidates.


Promoting Literacy Through Hip-Hop Play/Pedagogy

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Teacher

In this toolkit, early childhood educators will explore Hip-Hop Play/Pedagogy as an approach for promoting literacy. An overview of Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Play/Pedagogy is provided, as are sample activities. Resources and reflective questions are also provided to support early childhood educators.


Interactive Read Aloud: Effective Components & Rehearsals with Teacher Candidates

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

This toolkit provides basic background information on the interactive read aloud (IRA) and essential components of the IRA. This toolkit can be utilized by teacher educators and teacher candidates for rehearsals information.


BranchED seeks to support individual educator preparation programs (EPPs) and the field at large in reimagining and redefining “quality” preparation programs such that attention to issues of diversity and equity are explicit, embedded, and inextricably linked to high-quality performance.

The Resource Portal was created to support our community by providing resources such as instructional materials, online modules, podcasts, practice-based learning opportunities, research briefs, teaching video library, tool/toolkit, and webinars.

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