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Abolishing Linguistic Borders Critical Bilingual Books Indigenous Hawaiian and Spanish Books

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Teacher

This instructional material guides the learner through books historically translated and used for the education of Hawai'ian and Spanish Bilingual students. It emphasizes the importance of allowing students to write their own stories and to honor the many languages of the Latinx/Chicanx communities.

Instructional Material

Personal Language Inventory: Teacher Educator Guide for Engaging Educators in Self-Reflexive Inquiry into Language Use 

For: Higher Education Faculty

This toolkit will help teacher educators to use literature that discusses the language experiences of minoritzed communities to consider their own ideas about language, and how these ideas can facilitate their interactions with students in classrooms.

Instructional Material

Concepts of Print: Practice-Based Instruction and Assessment

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

The concept of print is one of the first literacy skills children develop. Print awareness is a child's realization that print carries meaning. Families and teachers can prompt awareness by creating a “print rich” environment. This toolkit includes various strategies to create such an environment.

Instructional Material

Accessible Storybooks: Making Books Come Alive for all Learners

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher

This resource focuses on the need for accessibility and provides ways in which storybooks can be used for all children.

Instructional Material

Using Children's Literature to Build Mathematics Literacy

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

In this resource, several lessons are provided for classroom teaching based on children’s literature and equitable practices. Each lesson includes a reference to a book to use for the lesson, an overview of how to implement the lesson, and supplemental material to use throughout the lesson.

Instructional Material

Mathematics Resources for Families/Caregivers of Young Children

For: Higher Education Faculty, PK-12 Administrator, PK-12 Teacher, Teacher Candidate

Providing families and caregivers with high-quality resources to support young children’s mathematical curiosity and learning away from the school environment may be useful for future learning and positive dispositions toward mathematics. This resource shares an annotated bibliography of materials.

Instructional Material

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